Tokyo_Bubblez (tokyo_bubblez) wrote in soaring_bubblez,

A Line between love and hate (30_originals) [Chapter 1-Cliche]

Title: A line between love and hate (Cliche)
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Friendship
Rating: PG
Themes: 4. A line between love and hate
Author: tokyo_bubblez  
Author's notes: Cliches do not equal love. But I always seem to write them. Oh well...
Summary: For all of Daichi's life he's been continuously competing in sports, school and life with his childhood friend, Remy. As their summer begins to wind down a rumour concerning the sophomore openings of the track & field team springs up and begins to rip apart the two friends. And as time moves on he begins to see Remy more as a competitor than a friend. But as the friends start to move apart, Daichi begins to miss her to the point of feeling depressed. So much so that his friends are beginning to ditch him. He asks his flamboyant aunt for advice and she simply tells him “You’re lovesick.” Not willing to believe his aunt’s words he begins to search for the line between friends and lovers; friendship and competition; love and hate. Will he succeed in his quest or give into his aunt's advice? And who will get that last sophomore spot?
Tags: a line between love and hate
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